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Our big crowdfunding campaign has started!

Donate and help us to launch the first Croatian satellite into space

Donate for the satellite launch and don't miss the chance for writing history and becoming a part of Croatia's future!

A key to success

Company Spacemanic and organization A3 (Adriatic Aerospace Association) initiated the project of making, programming and launching the first nanosatellite in orbit fueled by Croatian know-how and advanced technologies!

For a successful mission we need 130,000 EUR, and as a fuel we need a lot of knowledge, good will and everyone’s contribution!


You can be a star of our CroCube mission by financially helping us realize the project, and in return we will send you some cool promo materials, as well as launch your name into space!

Every backer will, after processing the payment, receive thank-you letter via e-mail for supporting the CroCube mission.

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CroCube mission is the start of a Croatian space era!

Launch is planned for the second half of 2023, via Falcon 9 rocket, owned by space giant Space X.

We want to encourage the technological development of Croatia and the creation of an advanced society oriented towards prosperity, innovation and space projects!

What do experts think about CroCube?

The importance of the CroCube mission has been recognized by many experts in the field of space technologies. Check what result and contribution they expect from our cube!

Current information about the project

Stay tuned and prepare for one of the most important upcoming events – the launch of the first Croatian satellite!

Count down with us to the launch!

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