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About the mission

Croatia is a land of inovators and inovations. Parachute, torpedo, alternating current, dactyloscopy, boat compass, fastest hyper-car, sumamed and pen are just a few of Croatian inventions that helped the world and showed the true capability of Croatian mind.

Combining previous successes and a vision of sustainable future, company Spacemanic and Society for Out-of-Frame Education (EVO) initiated this project, willing to unite the whole country and send the first Croatian satellite into orbit!

Croatia’s greatest technological achievement of the 21st century. sums up and exceeds all previous tendencies for developing an advanced Croatian society, stopping brain drain and tell the world that Croatia can, knows and will, that it’s not too small for big things, that dreams will come true!


  • Facilitate the technological development of Croatia, create an advanced society focused on prosperity and innovation, and increase participation in the global space sector
  • Drive Croatia into the space era, increase interest in astronomy and space projects, and develop STEM and tech entrepreneurship
  • Create a platform for founding a space center in Croatia, increase investments and employment in robotics, technology and ICT
  • Reduce unemployment and prevent brain drain
  • Increase the number of investments and employees in robotics and ICT industry
  • Promote Croatia as a country of innovations on the global scale
  • Become independent of other satellites and create own missions and sources of data, as well as achieve collaboration with leading space companies
  • Cooperation with European Space Agency and leading space companies
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